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What does Physician Leadership mean to you?

All of us in healthcare face the same challenge when it comes to Physician Leadership. All of us in healthcare face the same challenge when it comes to Physician Leadership. Until recently, we didn't know what's expected of physician leaders and how to ensure they're equipped to build a Patient Accountable Culture™.

For the last ten years, Dr. Wong and the Bedside Trust conducted research in hospitals nationwide, asking hundreds of physicians questions to best define physician leadership and develop relevant solutions. Our conversations began with "What is a physician leader?" And although the physicians we talked to emphasized putting their patients first, their answers rarely connected the dots between physician leadership and patient care.

Some of the physician comments we heard:

"What I really need is a medical staff that solves problems together . What's that got to do with physician leadership?"

"I don't have time for another leadership program to help my doctors improve care. If you're going to add more to my workload, forget about it."

"I don't get how leadership is the answer to engaging my physicians in the quality initiatives we are currently working on."

"I need the kind of leadership that can help us get more done and assist our medical staff in reducing errors."

"I'd like to see a leadership approach that's realistic and takes into account the role demands we face as physicians."

"Physician Leadership sounds too much like administrative work - and we have enough to do just taking care of patients."

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The outcomes of Patient Driven Leadership:

• A leadership infrastructure providing physicians with an organizational role description to guide decision making and produce accountability.

• Improved capacity and team performance by advancing the coaching skills of your medical staff.

• Widespread improvements in staff engagement due to physician coaches improving team dynamics.

• Physicians with coaching abilities (Physician Leaders) that mobilize team problem solving to create capacity and improve performance.

• As physician coaches, you'll rapidly build consensus and gain staff support.