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The primary role of every physician.

To improve patient care, we must develop a leadership infrastructure that equips physician leaders with the tools needed to develop coaching abilities. Only a Physician Leaders who coach their teams will achieve the highest level of performance and care possible.

Definition of a Physician Leader: A physician with coaching abilities.

Primary duty of a Physician Leader: Give patients what they need most.

What patients need most: They need their physicians and medical staff to work in teams.

What do successful teams require: Coaches

To improve care and give patients what they need,the primary role of every physician is the advancement of their coaching abilities.



The Patient Driven Leadership infrastructure provides the three core tools necessary for building a Patient Accountable Culture™: Role Description, Coach Leader and Patient Centered Problem Solving Teams.

Physician Leaders are utilizing these tools to help their team's deliver excellence consistently. It's the only strategy and process specifically designed to give patients what they need the most.

Role Description:

The systems we currently have in place are designed to meet the needs of our individual jobs (ie: job description for hiring/evaluations). We have a multitude of checklists and initiatives for safety issues and process improvement. What we've lacked until now, is a tangible understanding of the singular role (role description) that we all must adopt... our role as coaches.

Formulating this Role Description is the prerequisite for improving leadership capability, and the surest strategy to gain the capacity we need to consistently improve care. It sets the standard as to how we collaborate as a medical staff, and provides the means needed to improve teamwork across disciplines and departments. As physician leaders further define their roles as coaches, they'll gain the ability to mobilize their staff and more efficiently solve problems as a team.

Coach Leader:

We now know that our patients expect us to work in teams... as it's the only way we can give them what they need the most. And patient centered teams require physicians with coaching abilities. Advancing these coaching abilities is the primary role of all physicians.

Reminder: A Physician Leader is physician with coaching abilities.

Physician Leaders that have ability to create the conditions needed to improve overall accountability and performance by improving team communications and problem solving.

The Coach Leader tool equips us with the one-to-one coaching skills necessary to create patient centered relationships, a prerequisite to teamwork. It gives us the skill-set necessary to identify, develop and leverage our newly established "Role Descriptions". By utilizing our coaching skills to assess and design high performing relationships, our medical staff will be better positioned to meet expanded expectations and goals. It's mandatory to have a medical staff consisting of Coach Leaders to cultivate and maintain a patient centered culture.

Patient Centered Problem Solving Teams:

To best improve patient care, physicians must focus their time on creating the conditions necessary for to build Patient Centered Problem Solving Teams. This tool gives physicians the ability to develop a team problem solving practice, along with the core coaching competencies necessary to mobilize staff more effectively. It gives Physician Leaders the means to leverage their role as coaches and generate more effective team problem solving.

A successful care team must solve problems together. As physicians gain experience in their coaching role, and lead problem solving sessions, the Patient Centered Problems Solving Team toolbox will give them the wherewithal to effectively mobilize their staff and improve overall team performance, while staying centered on what matters most to patients. These tools give Physician's and their teams the means to measure unit efficiency and performance, ensuring consistent team improvement.

Patient Driven Leadership improves care by providing:

  • A concrete leadership infrastructure designed to give physicians an organizational role description, to better guide decision making and produce accountability.
  • Improved capacity and team performance by advancing the coaching skills of your medical staff.
  • Realize widespread improvements in staff engagement as Physician coaches improve team dynamics.
  • Physicians with coaching abilities become more adept at mobilizing team problem solving to create capacity and improve performance at the department level.
  • By leveraging coaching capabilities, you'll lead change more easily by rapidly building consensus and gaining staff support.
  • Physicians will become certified accredited coaches by the International Coaching Federation.
  • Further develop the know how to utilize assessment tools to regularly monitor team problem solving performance at the staff level.
  • By utilizing the three core components of our leadership infrastructure, we'll improve HR systems that best promote physician engagement and satisfaction.
  • Develop a focused and relevant leadership practice that cultivates a culture of coaching throughout the medical staff.
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The outcomes of Patient Driven Leadership:

• Physicians become certified accredited coaches (International Coaching Federation).

• The ability to utilize assessment tools to regularly monitor team problem solving performance at the staff level.

• Using the three core components of the leadership infrastructure, to improve HR systems and better promote physician engagement and satisfaction.

• Develop a focused culture of coaching throughout the medical staff.