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What We Do

Our speeches, forums and retreats help healthcare leadership discover and understand the root cause of their problems and create curative solutions based on what matters most to patients.

Discovery Forum formats include:

  • 1-2 day board and executive retreats
  • Full and half-day workshops
  • Specialized break-out sessions

Who We Talk To

We speak to leaders in healthcare - executives, physician leaders, board members, administrators and nurses.

The Benefits

Our workshops and retreats help healthcare leadership discover and understand the root cause of their problems, and create curative solutions. You'll learn that the only way to build patient trust is to compel physicians, nurses, administrators and staff members to work as trusted teams. Together, we'll identify and organize our leadership approach into a daily practice centered on creating a team that trusts each other.

  • Whether we're together for 90 min. or two days, our process is always grounded in the context of your specific challenges.
  • We'll analyze and determine your current challenges.
  • You'll uncover what the current state costs your organization.
  • You'll understand how becoming Patient Driven Leaders is the first step toward improving patient care, and realize that it all begins with the distinction between our jobs and our organizational roles.
  • You'll gain the clarity and wherewithal to distinguish between symptomatic organizational issues and foundational problems...and secure the understanding and experience to develop curative countermeasures.

Client Feedback...

Mike Wirth, President The Governance Institute: "Dr Wong's group problem solving forums provided our board members and leaders with a conference experience that resulted in immediate impact and lasting value."

Peggy Broussard Wheeler Vice President, Rural Healthcare and Governance
California Hospital Association:
"Having worked with Dr. Wong several times, I've seen more leadership attendance grow with each event."

Keynote Sessions to Sample Speaking Sessions

Physician leadership and patient accountability.
Keynote summary One (60 to 90 min)
Ideal audiences include:
Physicians, Nursing and Clinical Leaders and Quality Professionals.
Brian Wong
, MD, CEO, The Bedside Trust

"I've spent over 30 years as a physician and medical director and the most important lessons from treating thousands of patients can be summarized in 3 key points":

  • Patients expect us to work as teams
  • Patient centered teams need a coach
  • Every physician has a coaching role

In his quest to improve quality, Dr. Brian Wong spent 10 years researching hundreds of hospitals to identify and connect what matters most to patients to how physicians practice. Dr. Wong will provide practical solutions that physicians and clinical leaders can easily embed into their daily practice to improve quality without adding more to their workload. 

These patient driven solutions will result in:

  • Improved physician/staff communications
  • Understanding the root cause of recurring quality challenges
  •  Stronger physician engagement through improved role design
  • Improved staff problem solving and team performance 

Dr. Wong will help your physicians and clinical leaders connect how they practice to what matters most to patients. They'll gain the ability to create the right conditions for teamwork that promote patient trust. Quality of care dramatically improves when you give physicians the knowledge they need to become Coach+Leaders.

How a Patient Accountable Culture improves physician/staff performance and engagement.
Keynote summary Two (60 to 90 min)
Ideal audiences include: Executive Leadership and Board Members.
Brian Wong
, MD, CEO, The Bedside Trust

As a physician and medical director, Dr. Brian Wong spent the past 10 years designing solutions for medical staffs and clinical leaders that target organizational challenges and have the most impact on improving the patient experience and quality. In our industry's current state, we treat the symptoms of poor physician and staff relations, reduced engagement and ineffective teamwork, instead of seeking a more foundational cure. This workshop will give the knowledge every leader and board must have to address the root cause of these challenges. Dr. Wong's patient driven solutions stop the recurring costs associated with dealing with the same challenges repeatedly, while bringing your medical staff and clinical leaders together to achieve:

  • Improved physician/staff performance by encouraging patient centered problem solving teams
  • Improved patient physician communication through a shared organizational role design
  • Improved engagement, accountability and quality of care with a focus on physician led coaching

Join Dr. Wong as he provides you with a comprehensive, curative approach that ensures your physicians and clinical leaders are better positioned to improve patient care on a daily basis.

Where improving quality begins: How To Build A Patient Accountable Culture
Discovery Session summary (3 hours to full-day retreat/workshop)
This Discovery Forum is ideal for multidisciplinary audiences and can be customized for: Administrative Leadership, Board, Physicians, Nursing and Staff.
Brian Wong
, MD, CEO, The Bedside Trust

This interactive forum engages audiences with individual and team exercises that lead to a shared practice based on what matters most to patients. You'll gain clarity on what specific actions we can take to have a greater impact on improving patient care. This Patient Driven Practice will:

  • Improve the patient experience by initiating a coaching culture
  • Advance team performance with an organizational role description 
  • Elevate group problem solving to an organizational competency

Dr. Wong will help your organization develop a shared practice designed to create conditions for patient trust. We'll define the requisite steps needed to mobilize your organization into patient centered problem solving teams, and begin improving quality of care daily, without adding more to our workloads. 


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Recent Client and Audience Feedback...

"Dr Wong's group problem solving forums provided our board members and leaders with a conference experience that resulted in immediate impact and lasting value." -- Mike Wirth, President The Governance Institute

"Having worked with Dr. Wong several times, I've seen more leadership attendance grow with each event." --Peggy Broussard Wheeler Vice President, Rural Healthcare and Governance, California Hospital Association

"These are awesome tools for physicians and executives that can be used daily to improve care!" --Marc Mentel, D.O., Chief Medical Officer

"Dr. Wong's program gave me a usable tool to manage relationships and assist in building teams." --Carley Robertson, M.D.
"Practiced a great "self-assessment tool" with a means to stimulate personal growth to better self, facility and ultimately patients." --Joan McMahon, M.D.
"Great, useful, simple to use and understand tools.  Thanks!" --Judy Borland, M.D. 
"A new way of evaluating performance.  Good framework for use in establishing a new culture." --Cathy Pfaff, CNO.

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By Brian Wong M.D., M.P.H., The Bedside Trust, LLC

Audiences Share...

Excellent speaker. Standing ovation very deserved. I did not even notice the time passing. — CEO

A very powerful message and speaker. Please invite him back! — Patient Relations Officer

He has inspired me to look at myself and then go and teach my staff. This was a wonderful 
presentation. — Administrative Director

Excellent. The importance of self reflection cannot be overstated. If you want one, be one! Motivating presentation. How to get past the negativity and resistance. Give it a try!  — Chief Human Resource Officer

Wow. Great presentation. I will definitely use with my leadership team. Made this conference 
very worthwhile. — CNO

Fabulous presenter. I am going to set up an LDI around what he presented. — Director, Patient Relations 

Brian, Thank you for humbling each of us. I will promise to take your message back home and share this with all. Mostly, I will work harder to avoid my soul from becoming sick. — Manager of Customer Relations