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Brian Wong, M.D

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Brian Wong, M.D

Heroes Need Not Apply: How to build a patient accountable culture without putting more on your plate

Introduction to Patient Driven Leadership

What matters most to patients?

What matters most to physicians?

What matters most to everyone?

Defining Role Clarity


Group Problem Solving

The Leadership Workup



2010 ACPE Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., April 30-May 4.
Larry McEvoy — Complexity Science Advocates Look to Nature for Simple Solutions »

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A picture is worth a thousand words PDF

Healthcare- A State of Tribal Warfare PDF

Leadership in the first person PDF

Root cause analysis for healthcare PDF

The Tipping Point in action PDF

The Governance Institute's E-Briefings PDF

Articles from the Bedside Trust Faculty

by Brian Wong, M.D., Cofounder of The Bedside Trust

Improving Communication To Improve Patient Saftey PDF
by Brian Wong, M.D., Cofounder of The Bedside Trust

Quality and the Medical Staff: Connecting the Dots PDF
by Brian Wong, M.D., Cofounder of The Bedside Trust

Root-Cause Analysis for Healthcare PDF
by Brian Wong, M.D., Cofounder of The Bedside Trust

Multi Media (Audio, Video & Podcasts)

Dr. Brian Wong speaking at the NRC Picker Symposium mp3 QuickTime audio (1:20)

The Excellence Forum, Providence Health & Services Flash Video (1:08)

Suggested Reading

Uncommon Wisdom
by John E. Castaldo, M.D. and Lawrence P Levitt, M.D.

I had an opportunity to listen to these two gentlemen in person at the Governance Institute Leadership Conference on Sunday evening, May 2. They told 5 of these 13 stories plus another one to be released in a future edition to a rapt audience of healthcare leaders: board members, executives, nurses and most of all, physicians. Their stories were credible, passionate, moving, riveting, genuine, humorous and heart-rending... all at the same time. I then read the book on my return flight home from Washington, Dulles to Seattle, Washington. I didn't think it was possible, but I enjoyed reading the book even more than I did listening to them in person. There was more depth and richness to each story... even the ones I had already heard. It is the perfect read for a coast to coast flight. Their stories define the "art of medicine" and they are both excellent practitioners of this lost art. Not only is this a "must read" for all healthcare professionals, it is also a "must read" for everyone who has been or will be a consumer of healthcare as well. — Brian D. Wong, MD President and CEO The Bedside Trust

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The Coach Leader is a bi-monthly series of ready-to-use tips to assist you in developing a concrete leadership practice that has the most impact on improving patient care. It focuses on best utilizing your time as a leader by emphasizing your role as a coach. As a Coach Leader, you'll gain the ability to mobilize your people and build a Patient Accountable Culture.