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Dr. Brian Wong's new book is receiving praise from healthcare leaders throughout the country...

Heroes Need Not Apply

"Amazing! Timely, accurate, stunning, motivating, frightening. More than reading, I consumed the book. What a wonderful story of cold truth." — Jack Cochran, MD, Executive Director, The Permanente Federation, LLC

"Heroes Need Not Apply examines the root causes of hospitals' most pressing safety and quality challenges. It offers practical strategies to improve communication among staff, dismantle silos, and build high-performing teams." — Richard J. Umbdenstock, President and CEO of the American Hospital Association

"[Dr. Wong] speaks the truth of what we must become as leaders in health care."Jeff Selberg, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

"Dr. Wong's book "Heroes Need Not Apply" breaks new ground as a field manual for what we can all do on the front lines to be leaders as opposed to "reactors' of healthcare transformation." — Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., M.B.A., President of Thomas Jefferson University and President and Chief Executive Officer, of Thomas Jefferson University Health System.

"On the journey to team-based and patient-centric care, the evolving healthcare system is indeed a place to which Heroes Need Not Apply." — Joseph S. Bujak, MD, FACP

"I believe this book will help save lives, improve quality, and recommit healthcare providers and patients to new levels of trust." — Sue Collier, MSN, RN, FABC - Performance Improvement Specialist, Patient-Family Engagement, NC Quality Center/NC Hospital Association

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Video Q & A: Brian WOng Discusses "Heroes Need Not Apply"

In your book, why does coaching become such an important leadership theme?

What is the purpose of this book and what do you want your readers to discover?

Your lead book character Dr. Jack Martin often refers to physicians as coaches - please explain?

The concept of learning the difference between your role and your job is continually referenced in your book. Why?

How do you see your book helping healthcare leaders?

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A Patient Dies. A Hospital Heals -- a review of "Heroes Need Not Apply"

Dr. Brian Wong's highly anticipated book,'HEROES NEED NOT APPLY' is on sale now. Purchase direct from the publisher to get the best pricing and quantity discounts.

Second River Healthcare Press

is pleased to announce their collaboration with Dr. Brian Wong of the Bedside Trust to publish his first full-length book, Heroes Need Not Apply: How to build a patient accountable culture without putting more on your plate. His soon to be released book puts you in the center of the conflict every hospital struggles with, and a small group of dedicated leaders who resist the status quo to change it... to give patients what they need most.

After a decade consulting with hospitals nationwide, Dr. Brian Wong leverages his experiences to bring us the story of Jack Martin MD, a physician coach from a Montana Hospital & clinic who transformed the culture in one of Seattle's largest hospitals. Join Jack, CEO Jane Carolli, and their medical staff to discover how building patient trust led to improving care throughout the entire organization.

About Second River Healthcare Press: An award winning publishing company committed to providing educational, instructional and motivational books that address the areas of healthcare that are important to you.

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