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A high-performing culture is one that listens to and learns from patients.

PACsurveyTell us how your organization performs when it comes to providing what matters most to patients.

The Patient-Accountable Culture (PAC) tool helps your organization identify, measure, coach, and deploy the skills that matter most to patients. The PAC tool values care through the patient's lens, focusing exclusively on the handful of behaviors and attitudes that promote patient trust and have the most impact on care coordination, team-based care, patient experience and safety.

By assessing and measuring these patient-centered skills, the PAC tool gives you the precise intelligence busy leaders demand to improve team performance and drive culture change at the local level.

Results and Benefits:

1. Improved patient accountability: Defines the patient-centered experience by connecting your culture to what matters most to patients.

2. Moving from uncoordinated to coordinated care: By focusing on both individual behaviors and team attributes that drive effective care coordination.

3. Bottom-up tool: Pinpoints the specific leadership and care team actions and tools required (at the local level) for more effective staff and patient interactions to drive cultural change.

4. Trusted by Physicians: Providers and staff appreciate the simplicity and utility of the tool, which equips them to have a greater impact on care.

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